Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Cookout

Kyle and I had our friends Sage and Sarah over for a little summertime meal this weekend. I have been loving eating soup and wintry things but the "cookout" was awesome! Totally needed this time of year. Sage and Sarah brought over some barbecued seitan ribs. We also had red pepper black bean burgers, cilantro-lime cabbage, and roasted potato crisps with paprika. For dessert we had strawberries with nutella! So delicious!

Today we went to the new location of Filter (a much needed addition to Wicker Park). While walking there we found an area of Bucktown we had never really explored. We made plans to go back to Jane's for dinner and it was great! The restaurant was really beautiful inside--rustic wood beam ceiling, exposed brick walls, and really tiny. We shared corn chowder, Kyle had their garden burger and I had an angel hair pasta with spinach and chipotle pesto. Our meal was perfect and we both are excited to bring some friends back and share it with them.

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  1. oh gosh that photo of me! i didn't know it was going on the internet!