Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving preparations

I have the Thanksgiving menu all planned out and I have three days in a row off from work! I wasn't planning on making any decorations but Betsy said that it would be very out of character for me to not come up with something. I was able to create decorations for our table and the only thing I bought were a few white pumpkins. My dad brought me some twine when he visited and I almost sent it back with him because I don't really need more crap laying around my house. However, look what I came up with! My neighbor had a huge branch come down in a wind storm a couple weeks ago so I snagged from twigs from her curb, cut out some paper leaves, and wrapped little glass jars with the twine and put votives inside. I think it looks pretty good for my first "tablescape"!

If I feel like it after dinner I might make some pie crust dough and save it in the freezer for the week. I have never actually made a pie before so I hope it turns out well!

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