Saturday, November 21, 2009


Kyle and I took a day-trip on the Megabus today to Milwaukee.

The city was unbelievably beautiful! So many great buildings. We spent a lot of time in the art museum just enjoying the light-filled space.

I went to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for a pre-college program and hadn't been back since. They had this bazaar gallery that was totally made for me, full of vintage kitchens!!

There was also a great city market that reminded us both of the North Market in Columbus. Kyle and I stuck to our respective usuals--Mediterranean food and Mexican food.

And surprisingly, in a town full of breweries, the only beer we consumed was Ethiopian.


  1. The bay view with kyle is AWESOME. It looks like Milwaukee has more to offer than giant cans of cheap beer crushing people as its inanimate mind sees fit.

    DANG RYAN! If I ever get into the concept art world, Im going to go by Dang Ryan. It makes me sound asian and I think that would give me a serious edge!


    check out these kitchens