Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sourdough: trial one

Every Wednesday I am going to bake something I have never made before. This week I started with a very basic sourdough. I got a sourdough starter from a friend and have been feeding it for several days. Everything seemed to be going well but my loaf turned out really flat. It has a good texture but just didn't hold it's shape very well. Also, I didn't slash the dough deep enough so it cracked, which I think contributed to it's flatness. Anyway, it's my first loaf of sourdough and I am proud of it even if it's kind of ugly.

Next week I might try a seeded whole wheat sourdough. I need to do some research on how the dough will hold it's shape better and I might get better results.

Kyle brought me these flowers this weekend. I think this little shelf was made just for them--the cats can't reach it!

Brenna came over this morning for banana-pecan pancakes; I added flax seed and wheat germ which turned out really well and made me feel a little better about cake for breakfast. I bought this delicious butter pecan syrup it was awesome with the pancakes.


  1. Amanda - I think I could help with your sourdough dilemma. Bread baking was my absolute fav in school! If you're interested, I could send you the book we just put out at work called Artisan Breads at Home (google it, and if you like, I can send you a copy!)

  2. Erin — That book sounds great! Are you working for CIA now? I am terribly obsessed with food and have decided to challenge myself so I learn a few new things. I am really excited about making bread and definitely have a lot to learn. Would you really send it to me? I could send you something nice in return...or compensate you somehow?