Sunday, September 12, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

Free photobooth!

Bought some beautiful hand-dyed napkins from Love, Daniella.

My favorite necklace broke a couple weeks ago and I was
able to track down Laura Lombardi to fix it for me.

Here are some other artists work that was beautiful and whose names I want to remember...
Bladon Conner : sustainably designed furniture
Verameat : jewelry that is simultaneously edgy and hilarious
Winter Session : classic and well crafted bags, aprons, etc. I really wanted a buy a bag, so perfect!
Shapes & Colors : hand printed textiles. If I wasn't under a "no more pillows" ban (boyfriends!) I could have definitely picked up some of these!

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  1. Hi Amanda!

    So, I ran across this post a *little* late. But I wanted to thank you for including my stuff on your lovely blog. Hope you are enjoying your napkins!