Monday, July 12, 2010

Watermelon Margarita Slices

We had a cookout on our patio for the 4th of July and I knew I wanted to keep it pretty classic with burgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, ruffles and chip dip, and watermelon. Somewhere online I had read about poking a funnel into a watermelon and pouring in vodka. This sounded so incredible. However, I found an ever better recipe via my favorite lady, Martha Stewart. You basically turn a slice of watermelon into a margarita. And they were so good! Totally going to be my new summer party staple. I sort of followed her recipe...I never really measure anything so I guess I just used it as a guide line. Also, I would make the simple syrup the day before and let it cool, then mix the liquor with it later. It doesn't make sense to heat it all up on the stove like the recipe calls for. Put the slices in gallon sized plastic freezer bags while everything is marinating. After you take the fruit out, pour off all the delicious, boozy juice to drink later. Mmm...this will probably revolutionize your summer.


  1. When did Martha Stewart become your favorite lady? I always thought I was your favorite lady....

  2. I am SO going to make this! My did I raise you right!